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About Neurofeedback

​Neurofeedback is a 100%non-invasive, drug-free brain training system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) renormalize itself.  It is like a personal trainer for your brain!    It does not "change" who you are.  It has been time tested and is very safe.  Neurofeedback is not a treatment, it is training.  It is a nonlinear dynamical system into the CNS.   Respected institutions such as the U.S. Federal Drug Administration and American Pediatrics academy have endorsed neurofeedback.


How Does Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Work?

Special sensors are placed on the client's scalp that will read his or her brainwaves (EEG) into a computer that monitors the EEG activity.  As the session starts, you will hear music play through headphones while watching relaxing geometric images on a computer screen.  You may also choose to watch a movie on the computer.  You will hear occational "skips" or interruptions in the music or movie...this is the signal that prompts your brain to "reset" and optimize itself.  The brain learns to stay in the present rather than recycle yesterday’s dramas or future worries. It is more agile in its response to what is actually happening.  As the brain relaxes, the body relaxes using its innate ability to heal and grow.  At the end of the session, you will most likely feel less stressed and more mentally clear.  it is unlikely you will experience any negative after-effects as Neuroptimal neurofeedback does not artificially "push" the brain in any specific direction.  Many users experience deeper sleep and vivid dreams after their very first session.

No matter what diagnostic label or at what age one starts the training process, every brain can benefit including high performance athletes, executives and performing artists. It’s a gradual training process working toward optimal mental functioning  for life-long changes at affordable cost.




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